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solar Conference Systems SH-550DC SH-450DC Built In Conference System conference One of the most vital components of any audio and video systems is the quality of its acoustics and soundings. It is evident that if this quality is not adequate enough, all other components will also become compromised. As a result, Horand Electronic Industries, ensure superior audio and video system quality. Moreover, Horand Electronic Industries has manufactured systems in many areas, which provides a wide range of choices to choose from. conference Language Learning Systems
SR-436H SR-142H
conference Conference and Amphitheater Hall Equipment
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Automatic Azaan Player SH-3008 USB Recorder
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Energy Optimization
Horand built in LED ceiling lights HS-85 Horand LED lights HS-82 Horand LED lights HS-60
conference The beauty of elements depends on the lighting. In addition to concentrate on different aspects of architectural design, implementation of professional and scientific lighting systems is able to display aesthetic effects. It could also improve the health of body and spirit. Designing and improving lighting systems, HORAND is able to optimize the level of energy consumption while keep all architectural characteristics.
Photovoltaic Systems Accessories On-grid inverters Off-grid inverters conference In addition to the transient of fossil energy sources on the earth, and the needs for renewable energy and the universal conference in Copenhagen (capital of Denmark) about regional changing, the first solar investigation and application training centre , was established by afshar Electronic Industries (Horand). Tehran’s first Green Energy Office Building that supply its electricity from solar energy, has got opened on 2010/12/17. Since then various groups & official states have been visited the office. nature nature

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